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Technology Solutions
Regulatory Compliance

Regulation and compliance have been the largest areas of change in the financial industry over the last decade, yet the use of technology to provide support and preventative action in this space has been limited.

RegRisk Technology brings together cutting edge and proven technical solutions with financial industry experts to rapidly deliver solutions to radicalise your firms use of technology, ensuring effective controls are in place. 


Risk Assessment Matrices are the starting point for most people mapping out their company's risk.  Our easily accessible web-based platform Risk-Grid enables you to build, maintain and manage fully auditable risk assessments for your company or your clients.

Risk-Grid automatically audits all your changes, displays summaries in our dashboard, and enables the linking of incidents and remediation plans directly into your assessment grid.  It's a major upgrade to any spreadsheet or ad-hoc solutions you might be currently using.

Free professional level access for a month when you first sign up - visit the Risk-Grid website for full details.

Risk-Grid :
Risk Assessments
Made Easy

Set up a matrix of your business units and risks.  Populate your assessment of the inherent risks and controls.  Report on the resulting residual risks and remediate where you have issues.

Everything is configurable.  Share grids with your colleagues or clients.  All changes are fully logged, and you can monitor the change in your risks over time rather than just a single point in time observation.

Customisable Risk Mapping

Fully customise your own risk matrix mapping so that it fits in with your company's assessment of risk or use one of our pre-defined matrices to get you started.

Easy To Read Dashboard

Risk Assessment matrices can often hide the true nature of risk in a sea of red, amber, and green.  Use our dashboard for a clear view of where the true residual risks really lie.

E - Wall

A proven and innovative technology which enhances your existing e-comms privacy policy to create a true physical barrier for unapproved document and email distribution.

Integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure to give one-click document classification. Creates a hard or soft block on the unapproved dissemination of data outside of defined project groups inside or outside your company.

Software is proven in the field for over 10 years with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Integration and business support is provided by our own experts drawn from finance, compliance, the legal professions and IT.

E - Wall : Our e-communications solution

Support existing information barriers

Works alongside your current infrastructure for insider list management and e-comms.

Prevents misdirected electronic communications

Hard or soft blocks on the distribution of sensitive materials via email to unapproved persons.

Proven technology solution applied to business

Extensive use in government and defence industries supported by financial  & legal markets experts.

Blackout Technologies

Mobile device usage is critical for maintaining efficient and up to date communication in the business world.  However there are times when privacy concerns need addressing for either "Bring Your Own" or company provided devices.

Blackout Technology is an innovative solution which prevents sensitive apps such as cameras, encrypted messaging and social media from working within various part of your office environment.  Accurate Geo-fencing technology allows full access to employees in breakout areas or the canteen for example, while protecting your firms data in sensitive areas.

Brooklyn Vendor Assurance

An innovative digital vendor management system that ensures full compliance with EBA and PRA guidelines and sound governance around both your outsourcing and insourcing requirements.

First in class digital solution which provides value support for your vendor procurement team as well as peace of mind for your compliance division.

Bespoke Consulting

All our technology solutions come with customised implementation and business support for your needs. Ensuring new technology and policies are both applied and more importantly, embedded in the culture of your firm, are critical.

We are here to help you with full policy roll-outs.

In addition we recognise that some firms have bespoke needs in the regulatory and compliance space which are not directly addressed by our main offerings. In this case we can provide expert advice on how to resolve your issues with innovative technology from our leadership team.

Our Leadership Team

Steven Marshall - 30 years of front office banking experience

Steven Nash - 25 years working in senior compliance roles

Colin Woodford - 30 years experience in finance IT delivery

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