Our Leadership Team

Our founders have over 75 years of shared experience in the financial industry across compliance, investment banking, markets, legal and technology.  We bring a deep and unique expertise to finding and delivering innovative regulatory solutions to your firm.


RegRisk Technology / CEO

Steven Marshall

Steven has 30 years experience working in front office roles running derivative trading teams as well as providing capital markets solutions for investment banking teams.

He has worked at JPMorgan Chase, Credit Suisse and Nomura International and is an industry expert on XVA.

"Ensuring regulatory compliance is now critical for all markets and banking professionals.  The senior managers regime should drive you to seek out solutions that help provide preventative controls rather than relying on passive ones."

RegRisk Technology / Compliance Expert

Steven Nash

Steven has 25 years experience in both front line and second line defence functions at regulated financial firms.  Most recently he has been the Head of Compliance at a number of international banks.

He has worked at Morgan Stanley, TD Securities and Nomura International as well as founding 3CR Consulting.

"For the last 10 years the pace of regulatory change has been unprecedented, and the cost for non-compliance has never been higher.  It's time to use cutting edge technology to both enhance your controls and become more cost-effective."


RegRisk Technology / CIO

Colin Woodford

Colin has 30 years experience in providing technology solutions for financial markets firms.  His focus is to deliver transformational business value and efficiency.

He has worked at JPMorgan, UBS, Barclays Bank and RBS.  Most recently he has led Astute IT Limited to deliver innovative business solutions to world-class companies.

"The speed of technological development across many industries over the last decade has been astounding.  It's time for financial firms to leverage these solutions to enhance and fortify their compliance divisions without having to reinvent the wheel."

RegRisk Technology / Legal Expert

Andrew Maclean

Andrew has 25 years experience working at both law firms and investment banks across investment banking, sales, trading and structured finance. He has worked at Freshfields, Mayer Brown, Nomura and Lehman Brothers.

“The ever growing complexity of regulatory and legal compliance means that there is no choice but to harness the power of technology to form the backbone of a firm's controls and defences.”


RegRiskTechnology / Team

Our team & partners

We work with an incredibly diverse group of people and partners who help develop and supply our technical solutions.  We then provide the business expertise to deploy and embed these successfully across your company.

You can be assured our team will work on the technical aspects, and provide you with real subject experts to help you fortify your exisiting compliance controls, while you continue to focus on running your business.